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Run Grass is a brand of high quality artificial grass sold by John Lanham Watts Carpets Ltd.

John Lanham Watts Carpets has many years’ experience in selling the finest quality Axminsters in the UK and Eire and have applied their rigorous approach to quality to their synthetic grass products.

You will get the very best product available at each price level from Run Grass. Whatever your budget we will supply you with a product we will both be proud of. You deserve the best and with our remarkable prices you can be sure you will have an immaculate artificial lawn for many years to come.

You will note a lot is made of the yarn shapes by some suppliers with ever more complicated and fantastic creations being devised. There are C shapes, W shapes and even a reverse $ sign shape being promoted. While the blade profile is relevant to what you expect from your lawn, we firmly believe that, as in nature simple is best. Our crescent and diamond shapes are the best for appearance retention while a rectangle profile is always going to be the softest on your feet.

The most relevant technological breakthrough in artificial grass is the curly under-grass or “thatch” We are market leaders in this technology. Very much like the foundations of your house these unglamorous fibres are the most important part of your lawn. Run Grass thatch softens footfall and impact cushioning and protecting your Run Grass lawn

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