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Q. I'm need some help, can I call you?

A. Yes, please call us on one of the numbers listed. We will be more than happy to help you, but please be considerate, we have families and lives outside of work too.

Q. Do you send samples of artificial grass?

A.  We provide free samples of our artificial grass in the post. Simply fill in the contact and we will send you samples which are suitable for your needs.

Q. How long will it last?

A.  The products life varies on the quality of each product. The average lawn product in the UK will last around 10-15 years, if installed to our recommendation many have lasted way in excess of this period. Patio products do have a shorter life expectancy.

Q. Does water drain through?

A.  Yes 100% provided that the base is free draining. Our artificial grass  have perforation holes that enable our products to conform to SUstainable Drainage regulationS (SUDS). Installing artificial grass will not change the drainage of an area, if the ground is free draining it will remain free draining, if you install in a puddle you will get artificial grass in a puddle.

Q. How much maintenance does it involve?

A.  Minimal. Keep clear of leaves, seeds and dirt by sweeping with a stiff brush regularly. For further information contact us.

Q. Does the grass have a directional pile?

A.  All tufted and needle-punched products are slightly directional as are all textile products. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.

Q. Will the artificial grass fade?

A.  All our artificial grass products are fully UV and colour stabilised. Depending on the product, they should last 10-15 years through normal use, during which time there will be some slight fading, which will be barely noticeable.

Q. Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?

A.  Weeds will not grow through the grass but seeds may settle in the pile if the Artificial Grass is not maintained/brushed. Weeds can be killed with any weed killer and it won't kill the grass!

Q. With a lot of use will the grass matt or flatten?

A.  No. Not for many years as long as installation instructions, maintenance guidance and correct usage are applied.

Q. What is it like to walk on?

All artificial grasses vary in their feel, characteristics and appearance. Most provide a very natural texture that is similar to natural grass.

Q. Will anything stain the grass?

A.  No, within reason. Artificial Grasses are either polypropylene or polyethylene, which are forms of plastic. Stubborn marks will not therefore filtrate into the fibre but can be wiped clean with the use of hot water and household detergent (washing up liquid). We do not recommend any contact with bleach.

Q. Can you park a car or vehicle on artificial turf?
A. We do not recommend driving on artificial grass, the problem is when the wheels are turned the weight of the car tears the backing apart.  You will be fine driving in a sraight line across the artificial grass as long as you do not have to turn the wheels.

Q. How realistic is it?

A.  Very. Products extremely realistic, so much so that many people commonly mistake them for real grass.

Q. What is the guarantee?

A.  All our artificial grasses are guaranteed for at least 5 years. Most products have a guarantee based on their UV stability. However you will certainly get a life in excess of this period, as we have found out over our 26 years in business.

Q. Do you supply sports grass?

A.  Yes. Can supply grass for a wide range of different sports, including golf (tees & putting), soccer, rugby, hockey, tennis and cricket. If your sport is not listed please speak to our sales team.
We can also put you in touch with specialist sports installer.

Q. Would you recommend the use of artificial grass indoors?

A.  Yes. We offer a wide range of permanent and portable indoor products.

Q. What maintenance is involved?

A.  This varies on product, installation and application. We suggest that a stiff brush is swept with the pile to remove debris and then against the pile to the lawn to restore the look.  The Rungrass customer service team are only a phone call away if required.


Pets – Cats and Dogs

Q. Is it suitable for dogs?

A.  Yes.

Q. How tough is it against cats and dogs?

A.  very tough!

Q. What happens if my dog makes a mess on it?

A.  The grass doesn’t stain. Remove any piles and in dry conditions rinse with water.

Q. Do pets like the grass?

A.  Yes. They find it warm and inviting!

Q. Does the smell not stay in the grass?

A.  Not if it rains. In droughts, please hose clean. Stubborn marks can be removed with hot water and diluted household detergent (washing up liquid).

Prices and delivery

Q. What is the cost of delivery?

A.   Prices are inclusive of carriage to UK mainland, however a small surcharge of £20.00 (£24.00 inc VAT) is applicable for artificial grass orders is less that £200.00 (£240.00 inc VAT).  Carriage is included for all accessories. Individual prices are available for Northern Ireland, Channel Island and Southern Ireland. Additional costs are applicable for Scottish Highlands and Island and for export.

Q. What are the delivery times?

A.  We use specialist carpet carriers wherever possible and aim to get your grass to you within 5 days.

Q. What sizes to the rolls come in?

A.  We supply grass in widths of 2m or 4m by your required length. The longest recommended length is 25m.

Q.What are the differences in price?

A. The greatest inflencing factor is the amount of yarn in the product, more yarn is used in longer pile products and some products are more dense than others.  Industry professionals often look at the weight per square metre (kg/m2) to help compare products.

Q.How much glue do I need?

A.  One 310ml tube of adhesive is usually sufficient for 2 - 3 linear metres of joint.
5 litre tub of adhesive is enough for approximately 16 linear metres of joint.
Self adhesive tape gives an instant fix and does not require time to cure.
The prices can be seen on alsewhere on our website

We can advise you on the best product for your application.

Q.Do you offer volume discount?

A.  Volume discounts start at 80 sq.metres, give us a call and we will see what we can do for you!

Q.Do you offer trade discount?

A.  Yes!  we have discounts for professional installers and shop reselling our products, we don't mind if you wish to rebrand.

Q.Is there a minimum order?

A.  There is no minimum order, the width just has to be 2m or 4m and you can have any length you require large or small! Carriage charges do apply to smaller orders.

Children playing, play areas

Q.Is artificial grass safe for children?

A.  Yes

Q.Is it abrasive?

A.  Products are specially designed with soft polyethylene, non-abrasive fibres.

Q.Is the child friendly grass suitable for nurseries?

A.  Yes. It is perfect for this application.

Q.Is Artificial Lawn suitable for both children and dogs?

A.  Yes, our grasses are at their best in well used garden situations, being hard wearing. Almost as soon as it stops raining the lawn will be dry enough to play on and when they come inside again they won't be bringing mud in.
Dog mess can be easily seen and removed.

Q.Can Artificial Lawn be laid on slopes?

A.  Yes, All grasses can be laid on most slopes, however on severe slopes the sand infill may move slightly.

Q.Is Artificial Lawn abrasive to skin

A.  No, unlike old artificial grasses our grasses have soft polyethylene fibres which will not graze young skin.

Q.Does Artificial Lawn allow water through?

A.  Yes, the grass is porous, holes in the backing allow free draining.

Q. Is Artificial Lawn an easy DIY installation?

A.  Yes, anyone with basic DIY skills can follow our simple installation instructions to successfully lay a new lawn. If you are still unsure call us and talk to an expert.

Q. Do you offer an installation service?

A.  We do not employ installers directly, however we can put you in touch with installers in your area.

Q. Does Artificial Lawn require maintenance?

A.  To keep the grass looking at its best it will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush. Leaves and debris should be removed.

Q.How long will Artificial Lawn last?

A.  Artificial grass in intensively used sports areas will last approximately 10 years up to twice this can be expected in a leisure environment.

Q.Is the Artificial grass guaranteed?

A.  Yes, our grasses are guaranteed for eight years.

Q.Is Artificial Lawn environmentally friendly?

A.  Yes, Artificial Lawn does not need to be watered like real grass. Additionally chemical fertilisers and weed killers are not needed. Your carbon footprint will also be reduced without the weekly use of a lawnmower.

Q.Does Artificial Lawn Fade?

A.  No, all our grasses are completely UV stable and do not fade.

Need some help?
We’re here to guide you every step of the way and make sure your lawn looks great. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy answer your questions and help you to a perfect installation.

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